What is GLOBAL DOMAINS International.

GDI is a Home Based Business, Where you get your own Domain Name with Hosting to Create your Own Online Business. You may promote GDI Business with your Domain or if you have some other Business you can Promote that. or you can simply refer people, grow a team and earn passive Income Month after Month all from the comfort of your Home.

STEP One : The Referral Commission

For every Member that you Bring into GDI GDI Gives you a Commission of $ 1/- and this

Goes upto 5 Levels

So if you Bring MR A you will Get Paid a Dollar Mr A will be your First Level

And When Mr A Brings in Mr B mr A will Get a Dollar and you Will also Get a Dollar . Upto 5 Levels

STEP Two : The Weekly Bonus

If you Bring in 5 People in a Week GDI will Give you Referral Commission Plus Weekly Bonus of $ 100/-

STEP Three : The Learning Bonus

GDI will ask you 5 Questions on the Portal that they give you

Answer all the Questions Correctly and you get paid an additional $ 25/-

STEP Four : The Duplication Bonus

Get 10 People in your Team to Complete their Learning Bonus and you Get an Additional $ 250/-