Do you know what is a Internet Domain ?
Have you heard of Yahoo.Com or Hotmail.Com these are names from
the DOT COM Domain Where COM Stands for Communication.

Similarly we have the DOT EDU Industry !!!

Do you know what EDU stands for ?

Yes EDU stands for Education Like Wise we have the DOT ORG,
Where ORG stands for Organisation

The Company Im Partnering with is Called Global Domains International(GDI)

We are Promoting a DOT WS Domain Where WS stands for Websites !!!

This Company is a 10000% Legit Company :

(01) We are ISO 9001 certified (That Means all your Personal
Data with us is Safe and will not be Misused)

(02) We are Ranked No 38 amongst the Top Fortune 500 Companies. (This Can be seen on our Website)

(03) This is a 20 Yrs Old Company. So question of us Being
SCAM does not Arise Since a Scam Company does not even Last for 2 Years

So GDI is a Network Marketing or a Referral Marketing Business
With GDI if you Grow your team , with a Team Strength of 4 People you would be earning $ 1,000/- Monthly from a 1 – 2 Hrs
Daily Work

With a Team Strength of 5 People you would be earning $ 3,500/- Monthly
And What you are Supposed to do is Simply Post Daily in Facebook , I will Give you all the Links , I will Give you all the Images and Scripts to Post and I will even show you how to post if you do not know how to !!

There are Basically 4 Ways to Earn with GDI :-

STEP One : The Referral Commission

For every Member that you Bring into GDI GDI Gives you a Commission of $ 1/- and this Goes upto 5 Levels

So if you Bring Mr. A you will Get Paid a Dollar Mr A will be your First Level

When Mr A Brings in Mr B Mr. A will Get a Dollar and you Will also Get a Dollar Upto 5 Levels

The Second Way to Earn with GDi is the Weekly Bonus

If you Bring in 5 People in a Week GDI will Give you Referral Commission Plus Weekly Bonus of $ 100/-

The Third Way is the Learning Bonus

GDI will ask you 5 Questions on the Portal that they give you Answer all the Questions Correctly and you get paid an additional $ 25/-.


Get 10 People in your Team to Complete their Learning Bonus and you Get an Additional $ 250/-

Or Register Direct using this link

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